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Billy McLaughlin

"When Bruce Bailey is in your group there is always a solid foundation - to the sound, to the groove, and to the heart of both the music and the band."
-Billy McLaughlin Artist, Band Leader, Worship Leader @ St. Stephens Church, Bloomington, MN

Bob Knight

"Playing with Bruce on both the Woodland Hills worship team and in New Command, I've marveled at the range of sound and feel that Bruce can achieve, all the while using what might be thought of as unconventional instruments. If it's rock-solid bottom we need, or delicate harmonic complexity, Bruce is there in spades. Along with that husky baritone, he adds an amazing range to any ensemble. And working with a guy who is always willing to either step up or, when appropriate, get out of the way, makes him a real treasure. I've got a great respect for his musicianship, and his servant's heart."
-Bob Knight Artist, multi-instrumentalist

Eric Hofmeister

"I've always appreciated the times I've gotten to play with Bruce. He makes my job as a drummer a lot easier. His feel, his time, and his sound provide a big, comfy couch to travel on."
-Eric Hofmeister, Drummer

Greg Wollan

"Bruce Bailey is an excellent musician who brings a solid foundation with his bass and electric cello to the music I have been doing; he offers what I call "sophisticated simplicity" and that is a compliment of the highest order. Whether we are working on folk with European leanings, Americana-type material or out and out progressive rock, Bruce is always great to work with and desires that his playing be "in service to the song." Although technically quite able, he never attempts to shine above and beyond whatever is called for in any particular piece. I appreciate him in many areas. In the worship team at WHC, he is always a team player, always encouraging to the other team members. He has been "Cap'n Reliable" in my life as a friend and musician for many years now. Anyone interested in using him in any recording and/or playing situation can receive a "thumbs up" from me."

- Greg Wollan Christian folk/progressive rock artist, worship Pastor @ Woodland Hills Church, St. Paul, MN

Kelli Rae Tubbs

"I would be hard pressed to produce a list of musicians with whom I've performed who were as influential as Bruce Bailey.
"At the same time as we supported each others' musical grooves, he challenged me to become a better player.  A more complete player, really.  But it was more than that.  On the bus en route to our gigs, I could always count on Bruce to help me with some sort of equipment maintenance project which seemed to make the passing of mile markers go faster.
"Always laughing, laid back, honest, and caring about his bandmates, I have always been proud to call Bruce my bass player and friend."
- Kelli Rae Tubbs, Artist, Band Leader, Drummer

Kenny Wilson

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Bruce for close to 20 years. Bruce is both a good friend and a very talented musician and producer with a keen sense of musicality and creativity in both his playing and producing. He is always great to work with both live and in the studio and has a real desire to have whatever project he is involved be the very best it can be!"
-Kenny Wilson Artist, Producer, Band Leader, Guitarist @ Grace Church, Eden Prarie,MN

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