Bruce A Bailey Biography


Bruce Bailey began his musical journey at a very young age, when he received a baritone ukulele as a gift from his father. From that day, he was hooked on 4-stringed instruments.

Born on South Side of Chicago (which we all know is the baddest side of town), son of a ministry leader and grandson of Presbyterian missionaries.

Bruce began playing seriously at age 15, when he joined his junior high orchestra, playing first cello and then double bass. At 17, the electric bass grabbed his attention. Since those early days, Bruce's bass has graced a myriad of local groups; The White Knuckles Bluegrass Band, Colt .45 and Wheels. Bruce has also played with country legend Freddy Fender and his bands have shared the stage with the likes of Alabama and Ronnie Millsap. Bruce also loves to do studio recording.

Recently Bruce has returned to his roots, playing primarily upright bass and cello for the past several years.

Ask Bruce, and he will tell you that he’s nothing special, but that so belies his mastery of all stringed things of deep pitch, and his warm, rich baritone voice.

Bruce now plays in worship teams at various local churches, and with David Harland.