Bruce A Bailey Gear


Bruce’s current primary acoustic instruments are: Atelier Cremone & Andrew Fein MILAN Cello and Wensell Koeler Upright Bass.

Bruce’s current primary electric instruments come from the NS Designs family of orchestral electric stringed instruments. The CR Series electric upright bass is a lean, solid-body upright bass that takes its place in a long history of fine instruments crafted in the Czech Republic. The CR Series electric cello is an instrument able to produce the delicate and precise tones of its acoustic parent as well as to create exciting new sounds. Bruce employs a unique stage setup for these two remarkable instruments that allows him to quickly switch from one to the other.

Additional Instruments:


  • NS Radius Bass Guitar

  • NS Omni Bass

  • Guild Starfire (Electric Bass)

  • Guild Pilot 5 string (Solid body Electric Bass)


  • Martin O18T (Acoustic)

  • Blueridge BR40-TCE (Acoustic)

  • Eastwood Warren Ellis (Electric)

  • Eastwood Tenorcaster (Electric)

Live Sound:

  • Fishman Platinum Pro EQ preamps

  • Line 6 StageSource L2T Powered Spkr

  • Line 6 Helix Multi-effects Processor

  • Line 6 Powercab 112 plus

  • G & K MB150S/112

  • Lab Series L4

  • Hartke 4x10

  • Bag End B15